Hi, beauties, how are you doing? Today I’m going to review a Gripless beauty attachable finger blender. I saw this new gadget on the instagram and then I decided to try it by myself. So here some pictures of the tool.
Hi! Are you bored of using just one color for your nails and want some design but dont really know how to do it and don't eveen think you can? Than this manicure is for you! It's very easy to do and even a child will look like a pro doing this. Time saving and cool loking fashion design is here. And also you can use any polish in order to do that ( regular or gel ) 
Hey guys spring is here and everything is begin to transporting from those grey, dirty colors to nice bright tones around us. Here is my new look for you. I want to share with you that spring mood!
Spring is here guys and Easter is coming! Make sure you are ready for the holidays and check out my delicious recipes of cookies and muffins.  
  Don’t have a time to go to a salon? Or simply just don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want that gorgeous professional looking manicure? Not a problem… Here I am to help you with professional tips and tricks HOW TO MAKE YOUR MANICURE LOOK ON A MILLION!
Some igredients can be to harsh for delicate sensitive skin. Read this arcticle and you will know which sunscreen you will need to pick for it and from what you'll better stay away
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