How to choose a perfect makeup remover : guide into kinds, types, formulas

 So today I’m going to introduce all the makeup remover formulas to you and we will talk about WHICH ONE IS BETTER to choose. So lets started.
All makeup removers are coming in 3 different kinds: Regular makeup remover; Waterproof makeup remover; Long – wearing makeup remover.   4 main different formulas: Liquid; Gel; Cream; Oil; And they can be for the eyes, for the lips or for a whole face.   The first one that we are going to talk about is the EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. It is design especially for that delicate skin around our eyes and it is removing the eye makeup easily without harsh wiping and rubbing the skin.  MAKEUP REMOVERS FOR THE LIPS are also more gentle then regular removers but they are not as gently as eye makeup removers in order to clean your lips from matte, long wear products better. The once FOR THE WHOLE FACE are design to remove all makeup and design to work all over the face. But some products sometimes are to harsh for thinner skin areas, so dermatologists always suggest us to use different makeup removers for different face areas.   Now let’s talk about different kinds of makeup removers.   The one for removing the WATERPROOF MAKEUP is obviously more stronger in order to do it’s job better and to take of that waterproof makeup, which is harder to lift. Then we are having LONG - WEARING MAKEUP REMOVERS, which are removing long – wearing makeup quickly and gently. They are stronger then regular makeup removers and they are also design to remove waterproof makeup in most cases.  Makeup removers formulas are also very important thing to talk about. CREAMY AND OIL BASED MAKEUP REMOVERS are great for dry, normal and sensitive skin types. Since they have thicker consistency and they are with oils and moisturizers they are removing long - wearing makeup and waterproof makeup better. They often have some calming ingredients in them in order to calm irritated skin, which is the great option. They should never be used on oily and/or problem skin since they will make you skin feel greasy and may clogged pores. LIQUID AND GEL MAKEUP REMOVERS are for oily, problem and/or combination skin types. They often contains alcohol , salicylic acid in them. MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES are also very important for us since they are really easy to use and can be used on - the - go, just every time you need them. Such as traveling, camping, gym etc. But they are not good for everyday cleaning. Besides all other chemicals makeup wipes contains preservatives in order to keep them fresh longer, which are not good for your skin at all. So don’t use them at least around your eyes and lips and if you are using them remember to wash your face as soon as you can after the use.  Now MICELLE WATER is something new for us which is promising us to remove our makeup and clean our face 2 in 1. This is very good when you don’t have a chance to clean your face with water and cleanser but anyways I will suggest you to clean your face after that as well. Since that is always good when you put some water on your skin, it is refreshing and moisturizing and rinsing all chemicals off your skin. Also all makeup removers are containing a lot of different cleaning agents in order to remove your makeup and if you will leave all that in your skin it will be not the best you can do for your skin. It will cause faster aging in the future and will irritate dry and sensitive skin. So don’t ever forget to clean your face after the makeup removing with the cleanser and then the toner. REMEMBER to choose the makeup remover which is design for your skin type. For oily skin there are products without oils at all , for dry there are with oils, for sensitive skin without perfumes and with some calming ingredients, etc. Makeup remover is not the product on which you have to spend a lot of money in order to achieve the better result, it mostly about the formula and kind, since this one is design to just remove the makeup from your skin without treating any special problems. So just take the one which is removing your makeup in the best way, without a lot of manipulations and leaves your skin smooth and soft and in order with oily, problem skin doesn’t cause more breakouts on it after using. If you looking just for one product which will do everything for you my suggestion is choose the one which is waterproof makeup remover designed for the eyes. Since this is the strong but gentle formula which you can use all over your face. If you will use the regular one for your eyes it’s can be a little bit to much for the delicate eyes area. So how do you know if the product is really good for you? For every one of us there are may be different needs in makeup removal procedure, since all of us we are using different makeup brands, formulas and styles of makeup. So obviously product, which is good for someone who is wearing a natural lightweight makeup, will not be good for a dramatic makeup lover. If you are not using a lot of makeup you can just simply remove it with your cleanser and water. If your remover leaves your skin feels fresh and clean without drying or over moisturizing and it is removing all your products ( or almost all in case you are using really a lot of makeup ) and you are not rubbing your skin a lot when using it, you are using a good formula for you. So please share with us which one are you using in order for us to find our the perfect one. As for me I’m using the one for eyes and lips from BH cosmetics it works perfect and its really cheap ( 2.95$ on their web site). But I don’t think this one will be good for oily skin type, but its perfect for dry and sensitive, since it is moisturizing and with no perfumes and it does remove even waterproof makeup. One more that I got is a Pond’s moisturizing deep cleanser and makeup remover which is cream formula which removes everything from your face and leaves it extremely moisturized and soft. I love to use that one and it’s also not expensive one ( about 5$). 
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