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Are you doing  everything like beauty blogers or makeup artists do in their videos, but your makeup still doesn't looks perfect? Or you're  just looking for something that can realy helps you to be better and faster in makeup application? Maybe good makeup brush this is what you are looking for...
Good brushes are one of the most important thing in makeup application. Everyone can benefit from using the right makeup tools. You will need to invest in at least a few key brushes for a better result. Basic of them are : blush, eye shadow, eyebrow, eyeliner brushes. Good brushes are not hard to find. They will be a little bit pricy, but it's worth it. Look at those brushes made by makeup artists’ lines or well known makeup brands, so you will get good product for sure. But you need to find out which brushes you will need and which ones are good quality, so I will help you because there are a lot of different shape, styles and bristle types. You have to know what you are looking for before buying a brush, so you will need to test it first. You can test the quality of a brush by testing the way the bristles feel against the skin and you can  make sure that bristles don't shed by running your fingers through the bristles. Also it's important to test how a brush feels in your hand. It needs to be easy to maneuve rand feels comfortable, so your makeup application will be much easier.   Size of the brush : Don't use those brushes which comes together with makeup you're buying, they are too small or even not good for makeup application at all. Nobody will give you a good brush together with a product you're buying. So, you will need to buy a good one, which is designed specifically for that purpose instead.   For what will you need brushes with natural bristles ?  Brushes with natural bristles (squirrel, goat, pony, or sable)  are offering a more blended, natural application, because they are very soft and they are  best for working with powder-based products. For example blushes, powders, bronzers, highlighters, eye shadows, etc.   For what will you need brushes with synthetic bristles ?    Brushes with synthetic bristles are stiffer than the natural ones, it's means that  they will give you greater control, more precise application. They are the best for using with creamy products. For example concealers, lip colors, gel liners, creamy eyeshadows, foundations, primers, correctors, etc. You will use less of your creamy products with them, so pick up few of them for you. You can even use ones for the painting if they are good quality. You will need to test them like I sad before. So one more time, make sure that bristles don't shed by running your fingers through the bristles. Also if you're buying a brush for your concealer it's should have firm but soft bristles that aren't too hard, because you will use it under eyes. Synthetic brushes for painting are also good for using them with lip colors, eyeliners application and also they are greate in work with pencils. So, you can grab few of them instead of proffesional ones.   Also you will need to read about Types of face brushes  and Types of brows, eyes and lips brushes before buying, so you will better know which one is good for you.    
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