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As a cosmetologist I have spend a lot of time on my education. Researching, reading, studying at schools, visiting workshops, watching videos it all takes our time and the information received can be not helpful at all.


I'm passion about all beautiful in our world and like to do things that helping us to live our lives easier and better. I'm a young mom now and I have a little bit more free from work and studying time right now so decided to start a blog which will help me to save an important information that I already collect for the future and will help my friends, colleagues and people who are interested receive answers for their questions.

If you want to look beautiful and young on professional level and maybe save some money from spending them on products and services which are not really works then I'm sure that here you will find a lot of interesting for yourself.


All the products and tips was checked by me personally and are from my professional experience. I always trying to find the information that was published by scientists or approved by them. So that way you will know that it's really effective.


Also I'm planing to test more beauty tips from the internet and find out ARE THEY REALLY WORK?

So hope you will enjoy my work and add me on Facebook, instagram and subscribe for my channel on YOUTUBE that's how you can keep me motivated :) 

You can contact me if you have any questions or propositions 

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