Sunscreen for sensitive skin. Which one to take?

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Some igredients can be to harsh for delicate sensitive skin. Read this arcticle and you will know which sunscreen you will need to pick for it and from what you'll better stay away
 For all owners of sensitive skin I will suggest to use a ceam - based formula. This one is more delicate and save for use in order to prevent any allergy reactions. You'll better avoid sunscreens with tretinoin : Reatin - A Stieva - A Retisol - A Rejuva - A Vitamin A acid Those components are drying the skin.   Oxynobenzon one of the chemical ingredients that also can irritate the skin.  As always try to look for fragrance - free, hypoallergenic sunscreen . Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are natural sun blockers which gonna help you with that delicate care as well. Good luck!
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