Types of brows, eyes and lips brushes

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As we already know there are a lot of different brushes now. Here we will talk about BROWS, EYES AND LIPS BRUSHES. This information will helps you to do your makeup application more easy and fast. Also you will know how you can find the brush, which you will really need and how that brush suppose to look. 
   BROWs BRUSHES         BROWS BRUSH   Bristles of this one are cut on an angle. They are short and stiff. It's designed for applying colour to the eyebrows, to "fill" them. You'll better look for synthetic+natural blend of bristles. This brush will be perfect, because  the 100 % synthetic brushes will not deposit color as effectively, as one with the mixed bristles. 100 % natural bristles brush can't be thin enougt and it can deposit too much of color to your eyebrows. So better just take one with mixed bristles. Look for a good proffesional one, because this one is really important for a perfect makeup.   BROWS GROOMING BRUSH   You will need this brush for brushing your brows into place. It has stiff bristles cut straight across. You don't need to buy an expensive one, because it will not be a huge difference between them. So better just buy the one you will like more. It's often comes with eyelash comb and you can get 2 in 1brush.   TWEEZERS You will need to buy a good tweezers for the better result. You will need tweezers that can pick up even smallest hair. Those that are angled at the tip will be more easy to control.    eyeS BRUSHES      EYE BLENDER BRUSH   This is MUST HAVE brush. Soft, fluffy, natural-hair brush the long bristles of which designed to blend eyeshadows or creamy products as well. Bristles are fine and densely packed and are arrange in an oval shape. This brush helps you eliminate lines of demarcation on the lids when you're applying different tones. It is also very good for applying face powder to set your creamy products (foundation, concealer, corrector) in such place as around the eyes or over the nose or to cover blemishes as well. This one is my favorite brush, because with this one you can make really nice looking makeup. So you will need to buy the best one. I like MAC 217 (around $24) brush which is really do what it's supposed to do or Sigma blending brush is good too.    EYE CONTOUR BRUSH This brush we using to contour the eye, as you can see from it's name. It's a round and flat-head. It's always natural-hair brush with short, dense bristles, which helps you to apply a greater amount of eyeshadows in to the crease. Actually it's better when you use all natural eye brushes besides the eyeliner brush, which we using for gel liners.    EYE SHADER BRUSH This is the wide flat-head or tapered, rounded edge brush with soft, smooth, firm natural bristles. It's can gently apply eye shadows over the entire lid, from the lashes to the brow bone or it can be used for building a nice intense colour on the lid. EYE SHADOW BRUSH This one can looks like a tapered, rounded edge shader brush, but it's smaller. It's has soft and naturals, rounded bristles. Edges are beveled , that helps deposit eyeshadows across the lower lid. Doesn't leave any harsh lines.This brush is wide enough for covering about half of the eyelid and it's ideal for applying products on the lid. EYE SMUDGE BRUSH There are two types of the EYE SMUDGE BRUSH. So it's can be slightly rounded with small head or it's short, rounded, double-chiselled brush. This brush must have soft, flexible, natural bristles, that will helps to smudge any liner for creating a nice smoky look. This one really effective for densely shading lids.  ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH OR EYE DEFINER BRUSH This brush is cut on an angle and got short bristles. The precise angled tip provides perfect application of cream, liquid or powder products. You can use it for strengthening thin brows with using shadows (to define or add "fill") or as eyeliner brush. Mostly this one is synthetic brush. FLAT EYELINER BRUSH  This brush got synthetic bristles. They are dense and flat, slightly rounded at tip. You can use the brush wet or dry for applying line at the lash line or you can use this brush with pencils or gel liners as well. EYELASH COMB This brush has straight, stiff, fine teeth. It's can be plastic or sometimes iron.  It's designed for separating eyelashes after applying mascara, when the eyelashes are still wet. Also you can use mascara wands. It's work just as well as eyelash comb. I prefer to use eyelash comb with iron teeth. EYELASH CURLER   You better look for a metal version. Rubber pads in that one are replacement. Those are really good ones. The curler shapes lashes into a beautiful natural-looking curl. Always curl your lashes before you applying mascara, it's will helps you avoid breakage.     lipS BRUSHES     LIP BRUSH Long, firm bristles of this brush come to a slightly pointed tip, that helps you in applying lip colors really perfectly. It's can be natural or synthetic brush, but as for me I'm using synthetic one, because it's not absorbing a lot of product and for me it's more easy to work with that one. For this brush you can also take a look between brushes for painting.   
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