Types of face brushes

There are thousands of brushes in the stores now and sometimes it's really difficult to pick up the one you'll  really need and the one which will be the best for you. Here we will talk about different types of brushes you can find in the store for your needs and I will try to help you out with learning all about brushes and also will tell you which of them I have tested before and which of them are really good. 
FACE BRUSHES       SYNTHETIC FOUNDATION BRUSH This one supposed to be a synthetic brush, as foundation got creamy texture, but a lot of makeup artists also using natural brushes for application. As for me I'm using a synthetic one, because it's just deposit the right amount of foundation onto your skin without absorbing a lot of it. This is full, flat-edged brush. I'm also using this one for applying primers and moisturizers.   DUO FIBRE BRUSH It's a flat-topped, round brush, which is perfect for the smooth, flawless, easy application of creams, foundations, primers, emulsions and even powder products. This one is a blend of natural ( black) and synthetic (white) bristles. There a lot of DUO FIBRE BRUSHES for eyeshadows, blushes, correctors and concealers as well.   MAKEUP SPONGES There are a lot of different types of sponges now. I like wedge-shaped ones, because they are really great for applying foundation in hard-to-reach places, such as place around the nose, under the eyes. Also they are good for blending. You can buy cheap sponges in your drug store or a beauty supply store and then toss dirty ones or you can buy higher-quality sponge, that you can wash with a shampoo or a special cleaner and then reused many times. The most popular and good ones from high-quality are the BEAUTY BLENDER (around $20) and the one from REAL TECHNIQUES (aroun $6) and a lot of blogers saying that they are almost the same quality so just pick up one that you will like better.   TOUCH UP BRUSH The touch up brush we are using for spot touch-ups or for hard-to-reach places on your face. It's got firm, short bristles. You can use it also for concealer, to cover any blemishes or for applying eyeshadows if you will got one with natural bristles. You can use your concealer brush for touch ups, but if you will use brush with natural bristles its will helps you to blend your peoduct better.   CONCEALER BRUSH   This brush should have firm but soft bristles. You will use it on the delicate skin under your eyes, so bristles also should be not too hard. It's can be a small one or a big one it doesn't matter, it's up to you.You need to look for a brush with glossy synthetic hairs, ends of which are tapered to help you place concealer in hard-to-reach spots : the inner corners of the eyes, around the nose. Also you can cover any blemishes with this one as well. As this is synthetic brush you can take a look of more cheap version so you will not spend a lot of money on it. But again you need to test it and buy a good one, buy the one that you will like to work with. You can take a look around the brushes for painting if you need a cheap alternative.   FACE BLENDER BRUSH It's a natural or synthetic soft brush. You can use it for applying blush, bronzer, shimmer, powder or just for blending it all together. If you already got a powder, blush and bronzer brushes you can use just them. It's depends of your needs. You will need to chose the one from all face brushes that will better works for you and then use that one for makeup application. As for me, I'm using this one instead of powder brush.   FACE BRUSH (KABUKI BRUSH) It's synthetic or natural  soft, curved, fluffy brush. It is small in size. You can use this brush to apply bronzers, powders, blushes. I don't like to use this one everytime, but this one is good when you're travel.   BLUSH BRUSH   This brush needs to be wide enough, so it's will cover whole apple of the cheek. The bristles in this brush should be soft. There are a lot og good synthetic and natural blush brushes, but I prefer to use natural one, because it's helps me receive more blendable look. Edges needs to be beveled and curved. If you will buy the same brush as I described you will not have any problems with blush application and this brush will blends them good.   BRONZER BRUSH   This one is more thicker and fuller than a BLUSH BRUSH. It's got a flat profile. It's designed for applying/pressing bronzer all over such zones as cheeks, nose, forehead and chin for contouring and providing natural-loking warmth. You can use the natural one or synthetic as well.    POWDER BRUSH This is natural or it can be also synthetic hair brush (natural is better as we will use it with powder ). It's large, soft, fluffy. Bristles of this brush are bevel to a slight point (for the better application of the product under your eyes, around the nose) or also it can be just regular large round head brush.    POWDER PUFF Powder puff is from velour designed for pressing powder onto the face. I don't use it, but the powder puff is good when you're travel as well. I hope that this information will be helpful for you and you will read also about brows, lips and eyes brushes so then you will know which one is the one you need for your makeup ideas. Enjoy! :)
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