How does the cream works on the skin?

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Cosmetic brands, like any other companies, likes to earn as much money from us as they they are working hard exploaring new different ways how to motivate us for buying their products again and again and spending a lot of money on them. If you would like to find out how does any skin care product works on our skin and do you really need to spend a lot in order to achive a good result then keep reading and I will help you with that...
We already know that our skin is like a sponge it's absorbing everything no matter is it something good or bad for us. That's why when you put your moisturizer on skin feels more softer or if you will wear your makeup for too long you will get pimples and bad looking skin. But I'm pretty sure that almost nobody knows about little thing that all of us supposed to know : products that we are applying on our skin works just on the first top layer. Which is not bad but it's just not gonna cause any permanent changes since that thinest layer renews every 27 - 30 days and all our wrinkles are actually deeper under the epidermis. Also only a drag, which has to be licensed and comes under different regulations can actually be claim to effect an enduring change on our skin. So in order to treat special problems, diseases or reduce wrinkles we will need to ask about professional help. What is that means? Is that means that now we can just skip our skin care routine? No, definately not. I'm just saying that if you want to buy an expensive anti- aging cream and as a result of using it for a month ( or even less ) achieve young and pretty skin without wrinkles you will be highly disappointed and mad cause it will help you, but as soon as you will not use it any more or just simply wash it out of your skin the situation will be the same like it was before.  What about the products that we can see before and after pictures and skin on those looks amazing?  Or even someone will say " I've tryed some amazing products and they are really reducing wrinkles and you can tell the difference right after applying. What about them ? " Well in first case don't forget about the photoshop ( which is photo editor ) and be sure without it nowdays nobody will make pictures for advertising. And also in second case of my personal experience I will tell you that in almost every anti - aging products nowadays companies are adding some components that acts like a filler and can temporary fill out our wrinkles. As the result - nice skin with smooth lifted texture right after applying the product. So you can use those and it's really helpful when you'll need the fast result. But just like I'm saying don't forget that it's temporary. Then the next question will be do we really need to use creams and why?  Yes! All of us we do need to have our everyday skin care routine. Cleaning and moisturizing our face at least once a day ( it's recomend to do it twice : once in the morning and then in the evening before going to sleep ) will help us to keep our skin protected by creating a barrier between it and the environment which will prevent the moisture loss and as a result prevent the fast aging. Also a lot of products nowadays has SPF ( Sunscreen protection factor ) which helps to protect our skin form sundamage and prevent photoaging ( I will write more about it in How does sunscreen works on our skin ) and atioxidants ( benefits of which I will describe in Antioxidants in skin care YES or NO ? ) So basicaly what our skin creams and moisturizers design to do it's moisturizing and protecting. Everything else it's just a good marketing, since we are obviously going to buy products that are promising us to make our skin looks 20 years younger then just a moisturizer. Also " active ingredients " which are found in our creams constitute only aroun 5 % of all product so, much of spended costs are going into a packaging and advertasing as I said before. TIP FROM ME : remember that using skin creams will help us to prevent fast aging but will not help us to remove existing wrinkles and don't overpay for products that are not gonna work. Don't forget that every product can work and feel different on every skin so if you have a chance to try it first before buying do it. Samples are also very helpful. About difference between mosturizers, creams I will tell you in Types of moisturizers and creams. There I will also help you to choose the right one based on your skin type an special needs. Now when you know that will you spend a lot of money just for moisturizer on which is the name of well known brand and the sign ANTI - AGING or better will read my next arcticle in which I will let you know for which ingredients you must look in moisturizer in order to receive all possible benefits from it ( click on Ingreadients in face products ). Also I will write an article about Cleansers & Toners and we will find out how those works and do we need to spend our money on them? As well I'm planing to tell you about salon procedures which can permanently remove the wrinkles. So, follow me for new information on that. 
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